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The Bedford Independent is a new model news organisation with a simple goal: to provide relevant, hyper-local news that serves the local community.

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Hyper-local News Website
Hyper-local News

Hyper-local News

The traditional idea of local newspapers has been under pressure for a long time from many sides. Independently owned local newspapers are increasingly bought-up by larger parent companies which results in centralisation for efficiency. The downside is that “local” news gets managed from a city miles from the community it is supposed serve.


Local newspapers have been in decline a long time. They are increasingly owned and run by companies with several titles in their stable, and a centralised office with no local journalists and all editorial managed from a office in a city miles away.

Genuinely local issues are rarely reported on because it isn’t cost-effective, leaving local residents with no voice.

The Bedford Independent seeks to change that in Bedford, at least, and inspire others to do it in their area.


Bedford Independent

Genuinely local news helps strengthen & bind local communities and Narrative are extremely proud to be part of the Bedford Independent project. We have been admirers of the people behind Bedford Independent for a long time. They have been conceiving & organising events in Bedford, from Pop-Up shops & markets to Fun Palaces, live music events, film festivals and food fairs for around 8 years. Their actions have inspired others and they have been catalysts for reinvigorating a sense of community in the town.

Over the years, Narrative have been privileged to contribute, in our own small way, to some of their other projects including Bedpop, The Bedford Clanger & Explore Bedford.

Bedford Independent is their most ambitious and important initiative. It is a new model, specifically creating hyper-local news that is relevant to its community and we believe they are the perfect people to make it a success.