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At Narrative Industries, we believe in taking a multi-channel, integrated approach to digital marketing. If your customers can come to you from a marketing email, an advert, a search result or a piece of content that a friend shared on Facebook, then you need to be taking advantage of the channels that are most effective and relevant to your digital marketing strategy. You also need to know how to reach those audiences and how to communicate with them, measure the success and failures and see where your digital marketing budgets are best spent.


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New Rules

The UK is now the world’s largest eCommerce market per capita (according to ONS) and, every year, more and more connected consumers are choosing to buy online. There are new rules to play by, and new opportunities to win.

UK Retail in 2023

over 1 in 4 of all UK retail purchases were made online

£224 Billion spent online in the UK in 2022 (source)

£20 Billion spent using mobile or tablet

Online accounted for 26.6% of all uk consumer sales.


We are an experienced, integrated, multi-channel digital marketing agency with experience across a wide range of internet marketing disciplines. We deliver the kind of creative marketing solutions that produce cogent, focussed results, and we track & measure everything to see what works best.

Some of what we offer

CRM Integration

Content Marketing

Data Driven Email

Social Media

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Taking photos at LFW


We have the technical skills in-house to take full advantage of changing consumer behaviour, refine your online presence and get the most effective use of your digital marketing budget. 

In-House Skills

Content creation





Get All Your Marketing Working Together.

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We can take care of your marketing needs, but we have a fundamental belief that everything should work together, and that often means we prefer to work with your in-house or existing marketing team, augmenting their skills to get the most effective use of your budgets. We do this because marketing works best when the people doing it know your brand & your business. Use us for what we do best, and let others focus on what they do best.

From CRO to SEO

Getting more people to see your message and visit your website is only part of the challenge. We take a more joined-up approach, covering the entire customer journey. Our full service, includes the option to run split testing and track which messages, which emails, which search terms, and which customer journeys perform best. If part of that process isn't working at its best, we have the skills to analyse the data to determine and better alternative, and we have the designers & developers in-house to make the changes to optimise them. 

CRO for Fashion eCommerce
CRO for Property website
CRO for Short term Letting agency
CRO for Fashion eCommerce
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CRO for Fashion eCommerce Stone Island

Start getting you marketing working together today.

Joined-up Digital Marketing

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Informed by Data, Led by Creative

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Fashion Photography

Through our experience and understanding of how each of the paid, earned and owned channels perform best, Narrative Industries have helped our clients reach a larger audience, reduce CPA and reduce advertising costs. We understand how to make SEO, paid search, social, email, mobile and content-marketing work together, towards a common goal, providing a more effective, coherent brand image. We know this because we have been doing it for years, with extensive experience, insight and a continuous cycle of creation & evaluation informing our approach to digital marketing.

It's Not Too Late

We have barely scratched the surface of what we can do. To find out how our joined-up approach to digital marketing can benefit your business, get in touch.
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