eCommerce Photography

Creative product photography for eCommerce & marketing, made in Bedford.

As a digital & eCommerce agency, we know that the imagery makes a big difference to how your audience perceives your website. We offer our clients a range of creative, lifestyle and product photography to complement our web services. Our Bedford studio can handle most product shots & lifestyle photography; for larger products and more complex shots we can arrange for studio hire and sets; or we can visit your locations to capture photography of your business.

Classic Product Photography

Classic, white background product photography is the most common form of eCommerce photography. Classic product photography should clearly document a product, so the customer can see exactly what they are buying, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. There are plenty of opportunities to draw attention to key features of your products. We offer classic product photography as part of our services as your eCommerce agency.

creative eCommerce photography

tabletop photography for eCommerce

Tabletop & Flatlay Product Photography

Classic, white background product photography has its place in eCommerce but, when it comes to showcasing & marketing your products, you need to go a little further to make your products stand out from your competitors. We also provide Flatlay & tabletop product photography, which helps give context to your products. Tabletop & flatlay photography are a cost-effective way to get promotional photography for marketing, especially seasonal and special events like Valentine's day, Christmas, Mother's day.
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Outdoor Photography

Not everything we do revolves around eCommerce. We do a lot of other websites for businesses and integrated websites including corporate sites for investors that display (near) real-time share prices, property rentals, holidays & travel, CPQ and more. We offer photography service that are less about products and more about how, why and where your business operates, or how your customers interact with them.

Dark Product Photography

creative furniture photography for eCommerce handmade desk

Sometimes you need to show your customers clear, clean imagery of your products but classic, white background product shots are not appropriate. You need something a little more creative & moody. We've got you covered there, too. This dark product photography required a studio shoot, and we travelled to the client, because the furniture was too large, heavy & valuable to ship it to our studio in Bedford. The dark product photography create a very different feel while still performing its purpose to show the true character of the products.
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Creative Product Photography

Colourful, interesting, creative product photography stands out against your competitors, reinforces your brand and is more likely to get your customers' attention, especially when used for marketing and social media. Depending on the approach, it can often be cheaper than fully dressed lifestyle photography or tabletop photos and create a lot of visual impact. As ever, context is important and the real creativity comes from solving the problem of what will stand out while remaining on brand. These creative product product photos for Tatty Devine, Jane Foster Designs and Keith Brymer Jones are just a few examples of what we can do for your brand.
creative portrait photography for business

Creative Corporate Portrait Photography

If you want standard, corporate portraits for your company's team page, or a profile pic or LinkedIn, then we can recommend plenty of local photographers in Bedford, where we are based, and there are thousands more across the country. If you want company portraits that are a little more interesting, speak to us.
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Photography for Business

Stock photos for businesses can be fine and keep your costs down, but a photo of someone else can never convey the real "you". That's why we offer a bespoke photography service that captures the essence of what your business is really like. We use a more authentic, documentary photography style that gives your audience a peak behind the scenes. It's not right for everyone, of course, but if you want your customers & investors to trust you, letting them see what you're really like is a good place to start.