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Narrative is a full service web agency based in Bedford, Bedfordshire, providing a comprehensive search engine optimisation services from our studio in the heart of Bedford.

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SEO is competitive. You want to be top in Search Engines, and so does everyone else. If you take someone's place, they're going to want it back and you're going to need to do more than follow the tips & tricks from a blog post to gain & maintain an advantage. That's where our  experienced search engine optimisation team can give you a competitive edge.

SEO StrategY

Modern SEO constantly evolves & changes, so staying ahead of your competitors requires a thought-out approach.  Our Bedfordshire based team have over a decade of experience dealing with the shifting rules of search engine optimisation and are ready to use that to your advantage.

Best Practice

We follow best practice techniques, taking advantage of the opportunities that your business creates and exploiting the features that search engines offer to deliver an optimised experience that bring more customers. There's no magic, nor blackhat Search Engine Optimisation that will get you penalised here; just a deep understanding of what works best.


Your team knows what makes your business unique, so why not let them put that knowledge & experience to use? When appropriate, we can offer advice & training in search engine optimisation to turn your own team's insight into a tactical SEO advantage.


Search Engine Optimisation

SEO serves a different purpose to paid search. Both have their place but organic traffic will keep coming, long after your ad budget runs out. Using them both strategically will deliver optimal results.

Getting correctly listed on Google Maps, Apple Maps, and the right directory listings provides greater search visibility and increases your discoverability.


For some businesses, optimising your web presence for local SEO helps your business reach the customers audience in your area. On a local level, small businesses can compete against bigger, national brands on a more level playing field.

Making use of structured data will help search engines understand, categorise & display your products, events, FAQs & other information in the most useful, relevant ways. 



We build websites & eCommerce that support structural SEO, so that your headlines, taxonomy, products can be understood by search engines when indexed. 

Semantic SEO is broad set of techniques that help search engines to match your web pages with the context of the users search. 



Located in the heart of Bedford, Narrative Industries provides comprehensive search engine optimisation services to a wide range of clients, across multiple disciplines & approaches. We work with online businesses to deliver SEO for eCommerce, increase bookings & quote requests, boost organic web traffic on non-transactional websites.

Narrative's Local SEO is intended to increase footfall in physical stores & phone calls. Our joined-up approach covers all aspects of getting found online, from technical & structural code changes to optimised content. Our  in-house developers can make all the necessary changes to your site that other Agencies have to outsource. Arrange to speak with one of our experts today.

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Ongoing Discovery

You can't win unless you know what you're up against. Competitor research helps you understand what you're up against, make informed decisions about what you can rank for, and pick the fights you can win.

When it comes to organic SEO, it's rarely obvious what the optimal keywords to target are going to be for your business. Avoid wasting time & money chasing hotly contended keywords, and find the search terms where you can shine though.


We use a range of tools to track your search visibility across multiple search engines. We can see what's going up & what's going down. Monitoring helps us spot opportunities, and respond to lower rankings before they become a problem.

The data we collect informs decisions, so your website remains constantly  adjusted and improved to move up the rankings and stay there, and seize new opportunities as they arise.