Social Learning Network Branding

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The Social Learning Network is a new generation of virtual learning environment used by schools across the country. An innovative and focussed company in a competitive field, they were aware that their branding would be an important to contrast them against their competitors. The Social Learning Network is primarily used by teachers & those responsible for educational procurement so the branding had to quickly convey confidence, trust and authority while remaining approachable and, well, social. There was also the problem with the length of the name, which is almost a half a tweet on its own.

Our solution was to produce a suite of logo designs to suit different criteria. The primary logo was intended to fit most circumstances but any designer will tell you that there are times when a brand’s logo, especially one with such a long name, simply won’t fit a given space elegantly or sit well with other content. That’s why we also created three variations for “exceptional” use including social media avatars and logos suitable for overlaying on photography in presentations.

The result is a dynamic and modern look that retains the authority & confidence one expects from an educational product.






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