Cleantech web design for Arctern Ventures

Arctern Ventures Website Design for Cleantech Fund

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ArcTern Ventures (formerly MaRS Venture Fund) is a privately-run, cleantech investment fund out of Canada and a partner of the innovative MaRS Discovery District. With a wide range of companies in their cleantech investment portfolio covering everything from smart metering to clean energy storage and biofuel, they have a growing list of private investors taking advantage of the huge growth potential of clean energy. ArcTern Ventures aren’t your typical investment company either; the fund managers are specialists in clean energy sector with a long & successful financial history.

We were asked to create a website for ArcTern Ventures with a simple job to do: inform and update investors about the fund while attracting new cleantech startups. The website had to generate a sense of contemporary authority, modern but not flippant, and do so without wasting investors money so we struck the balance by using a lot of creative commons photography and a bold, clean design for the site. All Creative Commons images were attributed on a dedicated page to keep things simple. Unlike many of our other sites, there’s no services or complexity to, just a simple comms channel that needed to be easy to update with news and info, or when new startups come on board. We designed & built the website for ArcTern Ventures based around a blog featuring regular, informative updates from cleantech entrepreneurs and the fund’s managers, with additional info for people looking to invest.


Like most of our sites, this cleantech website design is responsive, automatically adapting to mobile & tablets while looking good on desktop too. The site was never intended to attract big numbers, just the right audience of investors and entrepreneurs looking for funding and has been a success in that respect.

If you’d like to know more about how our web consultancy has helped clean energy & cleantech businesses, or are interested in our web design & build services, get in touch.