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Narrative is a web consultancy based in Bedford. We help organisations use the internet more effectively.

We are currently looking for experienced freelance & full-time PHP developers and/or HTML/JS/CSS coders to join us. If you live around the Bedford area, this is an opportunity to avoid that expensive commute into London and do some well crafted work for an experienced and purely digital agency.

Interested? Then read on….

Freelance PHP Developer job Spec

Do you like to do things properly? We do and we want like-minded, fussy developers to work with us. We work in teams with multiple people working on different areas of projects so you’ll need to be familiar with MVC working pattern and generally working within established formatting practices, debugging, adding relevant notes in version control and merging etc. Experience with Concrete5 and/or WordPress would be useful and a working knowledge of Git for version control, Zend and maybe Netbeans (our preferred IDE) would be handy too.


Freelance HTML/CSS/jQuery Coder job spec

Can you build solid, cross-browser code that will work across multiple devices? Do you know your responsive from your adaptive? Then give us a shout.

We use Sass, Grunt, Twitter bootstrap, jQuery and all the usual stuff and you would be working mostly on themes for WordPress and Shopify so experience of those would be beneficial. Concrete5 CMS experience would awesome too. The ability to persuade IE8 (and later versions) into behaving is a necessary requirement.

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    Special Skills

    PHP basicintermediateadvanced

    CSS basicintermediateadvanced

    HTML basicintermediateadvanced

    JS basicintermediateadvanced

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    Wordpress basicintermediateadvanced

    Concrete5 basicintermediateadvanced

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