In august 2020, 26.6 percent of all ukl retail purchases were made online

eCommerce Still Riding High

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Despite shops reopening, eCommerce is still taking a sizeable percentage of retail purchases as consumers prefer to shop online.

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show that 26.6% of all UK retail purchases were made online. The retail figure for August 2020 is down from May’s lockdown spike of 32.8% but still higher than any previous year and unlikely to drop much further in the current climate.

Chart showing percentage of online retail

As of writing this, new lockdown restrictions begin in North East, North West, Midlands and West Yorkshire with more likely to follow.

Businesses that can adapt to survive are more resilient to change, and retailers with an effective eCommerce presence are able to capitalise on that shift in consumer behaviour.

Whatever happens in the next few months, we are unlikely to see the traditional throngs out Christmas shopping in 2020 and all the signs show that eCommerce is going to be the go-to option for a lot of customers this year. 

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