Digital Strategy

Our digital strategy methodology outlines exactly what you want to achieve and how to use the web to make it happen. In today’s market, being online just because your competitor is or because that is what everybody else does is not enough. Your organisation has an online presence for one reason: to help fulfil its goals & objectives and to do that you need a web strategy.

Sometimes a digital strategy can very simple, sometimes they are a lot more complex, nuanced & detailed. It all depends on what you want to achieve.

Strategy & consultancy are a fundamental part of our DNA at Narrative Industries  and the first tools we turn to to help you succeed. We help you define what you need to achieve (strategy & planning) and then we map-out the steps required to get there (tactics & action). We believe that you should never make a plan without action and you should never take action without a plan.

We have many years of experience consulting across all the key areas of interactive transmedia and have worked on platforms as diverse as Web-enabled TV, mobile commerce & beyond the browser experiences. Our web consultancy services have helped our clients to

  • reduce operational costs
  • deliver more site visitors
  • increase conversions
  • improve customer retention
  • reduce cost per acquisition
  • increased customer lifetime value
  • cut recruitment costs
  • Gain funding
  • Increase brand recognition
  • And much more…

We use a process of constantly researching, creating, testing, analysis and reporting that provides the evidence & insight we use to help our clients grow their business online with those all-important measurable results.

If you’d like to know more about Digital Strategy from Narrative get in touch.