Digital Marketing

At Narrative Industries  we believe in taking a multi-channel, integrated approach to digital marketing. If your customers can come to you from a marketing email, an advert, a search result or a piece of content that a friend shared on Facebook or Twitter then you need to be taking advantage the channels that are most effective and relevant to your digital marketing strategy. You also need to know how to reach those audiences and how to communicate with them when you do, measure the success and failures to see where your digital marketing budgets are best spent.

The UK is the world’s largest eCommerce market per capita, with over £90 Billion spent online in the UK in 2013 with over 20% of those sales made through mobile devices like smartphones & tablets (in some industries it’s as high as 65%). And that’s just the UK. Factor in the phenomenal growth in smartphone sales, putting the web in people’s pockets, and the changes in consumer behaviour this has brought about mean that you simply can’t afford to play games with your digital marketing.

That’s where Narrative Industries come in. We are experienced in integrated, multi-channel digital marketing that includes personalised HTML emails, paid search, SEO, content-marketing, integrating  customer relationship management (CRM) tools into your campaigns and much more. Every agency claims to be passionate about creativity and originality, but we’re more about the kind creative solutions that produces cogent, focussed results so we track & measure everything to see what works best, what generates the highest conversion rates and what brings new customers aboard. Through a constant process of measurement, assessment and refinement, we are able to make improvements to get the most efficient use of your digital marketing budget. It’s an approach that is so obvious & effective that we’re amazed everyone doesn’t do it this way.

We know our approach to digital marketing works better than other agencies because we have the numbers to prove it: Recently we helped one business increase revenue by 180% overnight; we reduced the costs of another by 20% saving them one million pounds every year; and we helped a non-profit double the number of people it helped and generate more income at the same time. We have more examples if you’d like to know more.

Through our experience and understanding of how each of the paid, earned and owned channels perform best, Narrative Industries have helped our clients reach a larger audience, reduce CPA and, often, at the same time as cutting advertising costs. We understand how to make SEO, paid search, social, email, mobile and content-marketing work together, providing a more effective, coherent brand image. We know this because we have been doing it for years, with extensive experience, insight and a continuous cycle of creation & evaluation informing our approach to digital marketing.

Whether it’s a ground-up integrated digital marketing strategy, producing and managing content-marketing or a one-off email marketing campaign, we understand how and why your customers make their purchasing decisions.

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