Measure & Evaluate

Our strategies are evidence-driven and informed by a process of measurement and constant reassessment. Via the use of numerous metrics we assign ROI, evaluate success and ensure that our strategies are having a positive effect on our clients’ organisations.

Like most of what we do, it’s actually very simple in principal, but knowing what to measure and how to interpret the resulting data is where our skill & experience come in. Just walk into a tailor and ask for a suit if you don’t believe me.

By tracking & measuring, we get to see if improvements have been made against previous benchmarks. We run analytics, monitoring and multi-variant testing, amongst other tools,  analysing the relevant data in order to feed back results and provide valuable business insight. But why do you need that?

Well, maybe you might just want to know why visitors aren’t getting to a specific page, or you might want to see how effective your Facebook page is at referring visitors who go on to complete a specific task. We can provide comparative analysis by testing different versions of the same user-journey to see which result in higher conversion rates, or we might provide insight into which marketing channels & platforms generate the best ROI.

Of course, anything can be measured and all manner of data can be captured, but knowing how to garner insight and wisdom from  all that data is what we do well.