We’re All Working from Home.

Front-line, essential workers are putting their own well-being, and that of their families, at risk and innumerable small businesses around us are facing incredibly tough times, through no fault of their own. Until now, we felt it unnecessary and insensitive to issue our own statement but the time has come to reassure our clients, partners & suppliers that we remain open for business & operating as usual. The only change is that all of the Narrative team are now safely working from their own homes.

As you would expect from a digital agency, we are well-configured for remote working. Many of our team would regularly worked from home before this outbreak; our management & admin systems, data, and asset storage are all cloud-based and our studio phone system can be redirected remotely. This was originally put in place for resilience,  so that our equipment and the premises could easily be replaced in an emergency, but it also gives us the flexibility to adapt to the current crisis.

The one thing we can not replace is our team.

On 9th March, we began advising the team not to come into the studio and, instead, to work from home if they could. We made this mandatory from 2oth March, the same day the UK government closed the schools. To the best of our knowledge, none of our clients have experienced any noticeable disruption and we felt no need to make a formal announcement until now.

We now feel it necessary to, at least, reassure our clients, partners, suppliers and all those we work alongside that we will continue to provide the service you expect from us, for as long as it remains safe & healthy for our team to do so.

As usual, the most efficient and preferred way to contact us about work is through our DoneDone & Slack channels (for those with access to them). Emails will be rapidly responded to, and the studio phone number will be set to redirect. Most of you already have our mobile numbers and we encourage you to use them if you need to.

We are incredibly fortunate to be able to continue working at this time, and to be able to do it from safety. Our thoughts are with those less fortunate than us.

Let’s all get through this safely.