Business as Unusual

We continue to operate at full capacity. From a client’s perspective, you should not notice much difference to the service you receive. We are extremely well-configured to continue offering our services while our team work from their respective homes. Please do not hesitate to call or contact us should you require our assistance or have any questions.

We have had to restrict a handful of our services for practical reasons. for example, we are currently only offering product photography as part of a larger project or for existing clients, and not as a standalone service.

As usual, the most efficient and preferred way for clients to contact us is through our DoneDone & Slack channels (for those with access to them).

Emails will be rapidly responded to, and the main studio telephone numbers redirect to senior members of the team. Most of you already have our mobile numbers and we encourage you to use them if you wish to.

We have experienced considerable increase in demand for our help from existing clients & new clients adapting to the changing business environment, so please bear with us if you experience a delay in our ability to respond.

We are being pragmatic & responsible about arranging to meet in person. We are aiming to keep physical, face-to-face meetings to a bare minimum while also recognising that, sometimes, they are simply the most practical option. In the meantime, we are available on Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and all popular video calling platforms so please let us know if you would like a chat. 

Our Resilience & Preparedness

Narrative is a digital agency specialising in business-critical websites & eCommerce. Our clients expect & deserve that we have robust business resilience planning in place.

Our business resilience plans cover a lot of different scenarios and have been continually reviewed and evolved over the years. All data is stored securely in cloud-based systems and all our internal & external comms channels are location independent. Our systems had a major review and overhaul in the run-up to the introduction of GDPR in May 2018 to ensure our compliance.

Part of our resilience planning included the team working from home should the studio be damaged by fire, theft or flood, so it was simple to adapt those plans to a lockdown scenario. 

We followed the situation and took early, precautionary steps, reviewing our resilience planning & preparedness. Alarm was raised internally when numerous major tech brands pulled-out of the Barcelona Mobile World Conference in early February 2020. By the 12th February MWC, one of Europe’s largest & most significant tech events, had been cancelled. That was the signal for us to begin taking our own action to ensure we could continue operating and supporting our clients, without interruption, during a lockdown in the UK.

By the time Italy went into full lockdown on the 9th March we had begun the process of transitioning our team to working from home. Within weeks, and well in advance of the UK Government announcing a full lockdown in the UK, our entire team had been transitioned and were working at full capacity from their respective homes. 

To the best of our knowledge, none of our clients noticed this transition, nor experienced any noticeable disruption to the quality of service we deliver.

None of the team were furloughed, and we have continued to operate at full capacity.

At the current time, we have no date in mind to start bringing the team back into the studio. We continue to regularly review & assess the situation.

We are aware that we are incredibly fortunate to be able to choose to work remotely, when others in our society do not have that privilege.

If you have any concerns or questions about our services during this time, please get in touch.