Who We Are

We’ve been doing digital since the days when new media was actually new. Back then geeks were not chic, mobile phones were still getting smaller instead of larger and The Cloud was a reference to the British summer. Times have changed and they continue to do so at an incredible rate. That’s why we pulled together a team to share our experience, helping others to adapt, survive and grow in a connected marketplace.

Narrative Industries is a small agency made-up of highly skilled specialists with diverse experience and a shared obsession for the connected world. There are the tribal elders, with up to two decades of hard-earned digital experience on their wizened brows, while others are young, fully-fledged digital natives; bottle-fed on pure internet-juice from birth. Many of us have worked internationally, broken a few moulds and picked-up a handful of awards on the way, but we’re not the type to brag about it.

All of our people are specialised & focused on their own aspects of the online world from SEO to branding, analytics to PR, marketing to UX. We use our broad experience across large-scale web and software projects, mobile, cutting-edge web-enabled TV in our work with an equally diverse collection of clients including fashion, clean-tech, NGOs, housing and entertainment.

We get around a bit and get a buzz from helping clients achieve more. It’s what makes us tick.

But enough about us. We want to know about you…