Shopify extends into POS

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We’ve used several eCommerce solutions over the years but have been very impressed with newcomer Shopify. Shopify provides a low-cost entry point into eCommerce; for as little as £20 per month you can get a fully functional, very respectable, easy to use online store. It’s not enterprise level but it is surprisingly well made and, for anyone wanting to get into eCommerce, it’s an affordable way to test the waters before scaling up to one of their better offerings or moving to more hardcore eCommerce platform.

shopify-point-of-sale-ipadThis week we were happy to see they’ve not been sitting on their laurels and have just announced  POS which is (at its simplest) an iPad app for selling the products in your Shopify online store in a physical retail setting. It keeps all your orders, inventories & customer data in one place and, with a bit of creative thinking, becomes a very powerful mobile checkout.

It’s not clear when this will be available in the UK (considering how long it’s taking Square to arrive over here) but Shopify have been pretty quick in the past so hopefully just a few months.

If you have a small shop, POS makes Shopify a very tempting service that automatically synchronises customers, products and orders with your webstore.

POS also has a hardware offering so you can scale-up to provide a full cash register, printed receipts, bar-code reader and card-reader.

Take a look at the video below or the official Shopify POS page for more info.