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Here’s a quick round-up of what’s been keeping us interested in the Narrative (previously THBOOM!) studio, this week:

The Shock of the New.
Sometimes we can put too much emphasis something new and misinterpret its popularity amongst the digerati as a sign of its nascent influence, so this article is a good reminder to check the numbers once in a while.

How Cognitive Bias Fools Marketers

Facebook’s Quarterly Earnings
Facebook’s Quarterly earnings slides revealed that 53% of ad revenue was now coming from its 945m mobile monthly active users

download the PDF

Google sells Motorola and gets DeepMind
It’s no surprise that Google’s sale of Motorola to Lenovo for $2.9 Billion stole the headlines, but the much smaller purchase of DeepMind, the artificial intelligence company is far more interesting.

What does Google get from DeepMind?

 US Superbowl Advertising
Super Bowl ads have now become a media event themselves, and this year companies will spend about $25 per viewer for a 30 second advert that may only be seen once on TV. This year sees the 30th anniversary of Apple’s legendary “1984” advert for the launch of the Macintosh by directed Ridley Scott, originally intended to be shown once but now regularly rolled out as one of the best TV adverts of all time.

Meanwhile, here’s an interactive graphic from Wall Street Journal shows which sectors have spent the most over the past 13 years.

interactive graphic from Wall Street Journal

Movie Quotes as Infographics
Pie charts, venn diagrams, graphs, flow charts, Boston matrix and more are all employed for a fun poster of movie quote infographics.

Movie Quotes as Infographics Poster

David Bowie sings Joy Division
According to the rumour, David Bowie met Joy Division by chance in Manchester and recorded a jam of Love Will Tear Us Apart. Sadly He didn’t. It was, perhaps the shortest lifespan of any internet hoax so far, being dispelled within a couple of hours by a tweet from Peter Hook himself, but not until thousands of fans had got very excited by the idea.

Not David Bowie singing

Robby Leonardi
Not exactly new, but so lovely that it deserves a mention. If you haven’t seen Robby Leonardi’s Interactive Resumé already then click the link, get ready with the arrow keys and enjoy (not suitable for mobiles).

The resumé of Robby Leonardi


That’s about it for another week.