Getting your tone right

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The video clip plays a selection of famous Horror & TV themes. The notes are unchanged but have been shifted to a Major Key instead, providing a very literal illustration of how a simple change of tone can transform how something comes across and how you feel about. I especially like the way the theme from the Excorcist (at 1:30) sounds like a US TV Sitcom from the 70s.

The way humans communicate says a lot about them. It’s not just what we say but how we say it, our body language and much more that gives the other person a clearer understanding of what we mean. The same applies to brand communications.

What you say is important but how you say it is equally, if not more  important if you want the audience to respond appropriately. When it comes to communicating on behalf of your brand in almost any context, one of the hardest parts is getting the tone right.

If it’s relevant, your brand might be friendly or formal, serious or jokey, irreverent or respectful, it’s a choice but you must be coherent & consistent because the people who see your messages will also pick-up on the tone and presentation and will form an opinion of your brand accordingly.