Photography for Wrangler

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Chris Smith, one of Narrative’s founders, was extremely chuffed when Wrangler, the long-established fashion brand, approached him asking to use some of his photography for their AW17 T-shirt designs. A professional buyer for Wrangler was seeking-out fresh new creative work and stumbled across Chris’s work online.

The photos Wrangler wanted for their Collab Tee range of menswear ranged from stark, graphic photos of brutalist architecture to dream-like abstract photos. While his professional photography for Narrative’s clients is usually more about technical excellence, his personal work is more experimental, playing with light, lenses, techniques and processes to create other-worldly images. All of the photos Wrangler used were from his experimental work, and never intended for commercial use. A deal was done earlier in the year and we weren’t allowed to say anything until the fashion range was released… so we can finally talk about them.

One of the nicest things about the experience is finding out that a large & established fashion brand still spends time researching new design and imagery, seeking out small, independent practitioners and paying them for their work. Due to the contract terms, it is not really appropriate for us to show you the original photography on this page, but below are the finished T-shirts with Chris’s photos printed on them and links to the Wrangler store where they can be bought.