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Let your followers come and find you by using the Instagram location sticker to tell them where you are. There are many reasons you could want to use this, including to invite your followers to an event, or to show off that you are on a business trip abroad. As a company, you want to be as broad as you can with this when tagging a location but make sure you also stay relevant. To be more clear; Using the Instagram location sticker to tag somewhere like ‘London’ may be a bit too broad. If you are in a specific part of London then tag that, because people using Instagram are more likely to see your post when they search for that location. On the other hand, don’t take it to the other extreme; keep your location relevant but not so niche that barely anyone will search for it.

Using the Instagram location sticker, you can piggyback on the back of other events going on in the area. With big events, you are likely to get a high volume of searches for the location that it’s happening in. A good way to lead people to your Instagram page would be to put an interesting, eye-grabbing post up on your story and tag the location. People searching for this would come across your Instagram story and could potentially become interested in your business.

In some ways, this can be looked at like SEO. You aim for a highly searched term (or location) that a lot of people are aiming for and you are unlikely to be successful (not every time though). Be a bit more specific to your situation. This way you are more likely to have users find you and those users will also be more relevant to you.

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