Origins of Blue Monday - the most depressing day of the year

Origins of Blue Monday

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Blue Monday has become a regular in marketing calendars, with thousands of brands jumping on “the most depressing day of the year” every year… but the origins are not quite what they seem.

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Business needs to discuss the “C” Word

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No, not that c-word, the other one: Christmas! Christmas 2020 is set up to be the biggest opportunity for e-commerce in UK retail history but many businesses are not prepared. It is September 2020 and, as I write this, new …

The True Story of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

The True Story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

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We’ve all heard the story and all sung the song, but who really knows where Rudolph came from? Some would say ‘North Pole’, and others ‘who knows?’ But let me tell you about the deer with the famous, red nose. …

Hidden Netflix Genres And The Paradox of Choice

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You don’t get many surprises with Netflix. Netflix won’t, for example, suddenly pop a list of Japanese action movies into your results just because they have them available, because that would be unexpected to most of its customers. Netflix aims to provide …

SEO Tips for Small Businesses

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Search Engine Optimisation is one of the fundamentals of any digital strategy but SEO specialists can be expensive so, as a web consultancy, we’re regularly asked what small business owners can do for themselves. We put together the following short …

Keep Taking the Tablets

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Even The Economist is reporting on it: tablets & smartphones have taken over and they’re changing the way people use the web & buy online, but it’s surprising how many organisations have yet to make the changes necessary to take …

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The end of organic keyword data?

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Well, you could certainly call this big news for SEO. Google is now redirecting ALL traffic to https. This means that all search terms will now be encrypted, even for users who are not signed in, which means that Google …

The Connected Customer is Here

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The connected customer isn’t just about technologies or whether you have a mobile-friendly website, it’s about radical changes in consumer behaviour & expectations that impact on your business model.