Let Them Locate You

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Let your followers come and find you by using the Instagram location sticker to tell them where you are. There are many reasons you could want to use this, including to invite your followers to an event, or to show …

The problem with cheap

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Despite having wheels and not actually hovering, the Hoverboard has become one of the most-wanted gadgets of 2015. The self-balancing boards that let the rider glide along while standing perfectly still, giving the impression of moving like a vampire,  have become an international …

The Entrepreneurial Work-life Balance

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One of our Founders, Alec East, was interviewed for The Guardian in an article about the entrepreneurial spirit and finding a work-life balance. We only discovered it because we spotted the backlink when checking our professional SEO tools. The reporter was …

we are 5

We Are Five

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On 1st October 2015, Narrative celebrated our fifth birthday and five years of helping businesses achieve more online. So much has changed in the five years since we set-up our digital agency in Bedford, including a name change (we used to be …

SEO Tips for Small Businesses

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Search Engine Optimisation is one of the fundamentals of any digital strategy but SEO specialists can be expensive so, as a web consultancy, we’re regularly asked what small business owners can do for themselves. We put together the following short …

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What is on-site SEO?

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On-Site SEO is the area of search engine optimisation concerned with what happens on your site. Partly to do with content and partly code structure, on-site SEO ensures all the  boxes are ticked regarding where and how often keywords appear, …

What is Off-site SEO?

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Off-site SEO is the side of search engine optimisation concerned with what happens away from your site, most commonly getting inbound links. While there’s a lot of issues surrounding inbound links and companies selling them, Google ranks websites according to …

What is Black Hat SEO?

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With recent advances in search engine algorithms, black hat SEO has become almost impossible and many of the techniques commonly used (and still sold to naive webmasters) will actively undermining your search position.