Instagram’s Emoji Slider Sticker for your brand

We will be discussing how to use the Instagram emoji slider tool for your professional purposes and the benefits this Instagram feature can offer you.

Instagram’s emoji slider may not be considered the most professional of tools but it would definitely be a great way to interact with a younger demographic if that’s the audience you’re aiming for. The sliding scale offers your potential customers a fun way to say ‘how much’ they feel about something rather than simply picking between two options i.e yes or no.

You can keep this simple by asking your customers/followers how much they like something, or you can take it to a slightly more advanced level and use the Instagram emoji slider for some deeper market research.

Below, there is an example that uses the sliding bar to find out how much people would pay for a handcrafted vanity desk. The higher they voted, the more they would pay, in this case, the limit was £200. Once people have voted, you can then get an average score. In the example below the average equals out to around £100 so this helps you to decide how you price it.

For your audience, the Insta-slider emoji tool is easy, convenient and requires barely any time from them, making it more likely that your followers will do it.

With the slider and the standard poll feature, you have to be aware that not every answer is accurate. This is because when your followers and going through Instagram stories, they can tap the page to get to the next one, which means it’s likely that they could accidentally select an answer that affects your average score. Not a huge issue, providing you are not expecting rigorously scientific results, but something to consider when going through the results.


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