Instagram’s Question Sticker for your company

In this blog, we’re going to talk about how you can use the Instagram Questions feature for your organisation.

This Instagram feature is commonly used to give your followers the microphone and let them ask you some questions. Social Influencers do it regularly to keep the conversation going between them and their following. You are able to see who is asking you these questions and choose whether to answer them publicly on your Instagram story or not. However, when you post the question on your story, it becomes anonymous and the username can’t be seen by your followers. It will send a notification to the person whose question you’re answering.

Giving your followers a platform on which they can air their thoughts and feelings connects you to them and gives you a better view on who your customers are and what they want from you.

With the Instagram question feature, you are not obliged to answer all questions and they won’t be aired unless you chose to publicise them yourself.

Using this Insta-sticker, you can host Q&A’s for your followers and allow them to ask you whatever they want, or answer a collection of FAQ’s (frequently asked questions)

Below is a good example of how Primark have used the Instagram question sticker to engage with their followers/potential customers and also advertise their products to them in a ‘helpful’ way.



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