Instagram Highlights for businesses

In this post, we’re going to explain the benefits of Instagram Highlights and how they can work for your business

The Instagram highlights give you the ability to keep your stories up on your main page by choosing them from your archive and categorising them into groups. This feature is a great way to organise your Instagram stories and keep them in segments that are clear to your follower. Not everything that goes up on your story has to go into a highlight. In fact, you don’t have to use your highlights at all but they are a great way to feature your best posts and help your prospective customer get right to what they want to see. Think of them as a movie trailer to the rest of your Instagram feed; they market what there is to come and what the user/follower can expect to see more of.

The first one is likely to be the one that viewers will look at straight away, so make sure your very first post captures the viewer and that it shows them what your page is about. The order of these highlights actually appears in the most recently edited order, so whatever you edited last will come up first to your page viewers.

On these Instagram highlights, you can add up to 100 photos and or videos. Whilst there is a limit on the number of clips you add, there is no limit on how many Insta-highlights you can add to your profile. (We would advise under 10 so that you aren’t giving your followers too many things to look at- it’s important to keep your followers’ cognitive load nice and low. Don’t give them too much to think about.)


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