Countdown Clock To Every Event

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Getting your customers hyped up about something new and exciting to do with your business is hard and takes time. Instagram offers a little feature on their stories that makes that slightly easier. A countdown sticker was added to Instagram’s stories in early December 2018. This allows you to create and save a countdown towards a future event which your followers can then share or have the option to save and get reminders about it.

When your story disappears after 24 hours, the countdown sticker that you created, will be stored in your stickers and you can apply it to your new/follow-up stories. Over time, you can post updates of the event like preparations and more information on the occasion.  When posting these, remember to add your saved countdown sticker so you remind your followers when exactly the event is. Don’t make them go looking for that information.

There are little adjustments you can make to your Instagram countdown sticker like changing the colour, size and where it appears on the page to suit the theme of your subject and post.

This event doesn’t have to be something that people will be attending, it could be something else like the release of a new product. Whatever new, exciting thing you have coming up, the countdown sticker is the optimal way to get your followers excited.

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