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Instagram’s most recent add to the sticker collection is the quiz sticker. A new fun and relaxed way to interact with your followers that can also help them learn something. Educating your followers could create more trust between you and your customer.

Using the Instagram quiz feature, you can do so many things; including drive traffic to your website. To show what the quiz sticker can do, I have used an example in the image above, asking our followers how tall they think the shard is. When setting up the sticker, you type in the question and between 2 and 4 different answers, 1 of which, being the correct one. Why a set of dice at the bottom of the sticker you ask? Well, all this does is create a random question for you each time you click it. If you already have a question in mind then just ignore this.

If you are looking to drive followers to your website then it’s important to mention the ability to link to your website from your story. Say you have just posted a new blog up on your website; a cost-effective way to drive people to it would be through your Instagram stories. Choose a question relevant to your blog post and make sure it grabs your followers attention. Include the link in your post by clicking the link icon at the top of your screen, then paste in your desired link. Remind people with stickers or text to ‘swipe up’ so they can read the full blog, as this is how Instagram will send them to your link.

Now that you have your question and answers ready, it’s time to post your story for all your followers to see. At the bottom of your screen, you will see this icon; this will add the post straight to your story. Give it a few hours and come back to your story. Clicking on your profile icon at the top left of the page will show you your story.  Here you can collect the data of how many followers clicked on each answer and you can even see which specific followers chose which answer. Once they have clicked on their answer, the true answer will be revealed and they will find out whether they were right or wrong.

Don’t feel restricted with this sticker though. The quizzes can be merely a fun way to start a conversation with your Instagram followers/customers with no other goal than setting a tone of voice and expanding your brand awareness.

(p.s it’s 310 feet tall)

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