What is Multi-Variate Testing?

The film Groundhog Day came up in a pub conversation the other day. In the 1993 comedy feature film, Groundhog Day, Bill Murray plays Phil Connors, an arrogant, egocentric TV reporter assigned to cover the annual Groundhog Day event in a small American town. Phil wakes to find himself caught in a one-day time loop; every morning he wakes-up and is forced …

What is a Conversion Funnel

A conversion is when someone, e.g. a visitor to your website, does something you want them to, e.g. signs up to your newsletter, makes an enquiry, buys a product etc). A conversion funnel is just a way of describing the individual stages that a person goes through to “convert” from one state to another – this could be converting a …

What is Online Reputation Management?

You’ve got a great product or service. Your customers are happy, your staff are content and your ethics are above reproach. You’ve spent a long time nurturing your website’s SEO until you sit comfortably in top search results but then, one day, you notice that something is wrong with those search results: the next result after yours doesn’t belong there. Perhaps …

Content Marketing

Part of the Glossary of Web Terms More than just generating blog posts and stories, Content Marketing is the use of targeted content, distributed through various channels, to achieve specific marketing goals. Content marketing is widely considered the next phase of advertising because, when done well, the audience actually wants to receive the marketing content. Increasingly linked to inbound marketing, a good content …

Mobile Web

The mobile web, is a generic term – like the terms “one foot experience” or the “third screen” – that refers not just to websites that are suited to mobile devices but also to the behaviour and mindsets of the people using it on mobile devices. It is common knowledge that someone browsing the web on a smartphone will, most …

What Does Keyword Mean?

In simple terms, Keywords are the words (or search terms) people use to search. It’s what they type into Google or Bing etc. If you want your website to show up when people search for a specific keyword, that keyword must appear on your site. Competition for certain keywords is very hot and search engine algorithms are increasingly complex, making …

What is Responsive Design

Responsive is a design approach that ensures websites display correctly across the plethora of devices and screen sizes that people use. Responsive design creates an optimal viewing experience on practically any device and does not require any complex server side code or alternative content. Exactly the same content is piped to everyone, regardless of device, but the image sizes, font …

Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) is a specific instruction meant to prompt a user to perform a specific task. Usually in the form of a banner, button, or some type of graphic or text, they are used to drive visitors down a conversion funnel. Calls to action can (and should) be tested & monitored so they can be refined to generate higher …

What does Digerati mean?

Something of a pejorative term, the word Digerati defines the group collection of people who are visibly concerned with all things digital. Digerati can mean famous computer scientists or it can mean tech magazine writers and technical artists. A particular industry or subject of interest may have its own digerati who may be able to assist with your own SEO …

What is a Social Media Profile?

A profile is the information you give about yourself when you sign up for a social networking site. It’s what used to be referred to as account information but, as the level of personal details increased, the term profile became more relevant. As well as a picture, you can include your interests and passions such as your love of Mongolian …


Reach is the number of unique users, stated as a percentage of the target market, who have viewed your content ( post, tweet, status update, etc) or   online advertisement (like a banner ad).  


Robots, bots, crawlers or spiders work for search engines and crawl the web gathering information on new web pages, updating old pages and deleting dead pages. They follow links, some can run javascript and most of them hate Flash.


A Robots.txt file is just a text file that sits on your site and tells the search engine bots to ignore certain folders, such as the admin of your Content Management System. The point of a robots.txt file is to prevent certain files appearing in search results however, search engine don’t have to comply,and the file is readable by anyone …

on-site SEO

On-Site SEO is the area of search engine optimisation concerned with what happens on your site. Partly to do with content and partly code structure, on-site SEO ensures all the  boxes are ticked regarding where and how often keywords appear, xml sitemaps. Good on-site SEO does not guarantee a good result for organic search, but it does help a lot …

Search engine results page (SERPS)

As the name suggests, these are the results pages that you get on a search engine. Go to any search engine and type in a keyword and press search. The search engine results page (SERP) is the page that comes up with all the links to the relevant websites.    

What Are Vertical social networks

Vertical networks (or vertical social networks) connect people who have very specific interests or passions. If your target audience is part of a vertical social network, you may be able to integrate that network into your inbound or content marketing strategy. This can also apply to niche groups within broader social networks like Facebook & Linkedin groups.

Semantic Web

Part of the Glossary of Web Terms The Semantic Web is a project under the direction of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) which aims to extend the current Web and will allow you to find, share, and combine information more easily. It’s requires a change in the way we currently design & build for the web and separates the …


A generic term that literally means “The things that are held or included in something” but, in terms of a website, relates to the text, video, audio, images, downloadable PDFs etc. that populate your site. Ideally your content strategy should ensure all content is relevant and of interest to your targeted audience so that it provides some value or worth …

What are hits and why are they different to visitors, page views or visits?

A single webpage will usually have multiple files in it – a logo, various images, javascript libraries, CSS files for layout, etc. Your browser sends seperate requests for each one of those files and the web server logs each separate request for a file as a “hit”. A very basic, single web page with ten images, for example, will require at …

eBooks / e-books

e-books or ebooks are electronic versions of books which can be downloaded from the internet and read on your PC or hand held device. Originally developed to be compatible with screen readers for visually impaired, they are now the standard form for Kindle and other hand held devices and sales of eBooks now account for a sizeable proportion of online book …

Google Bomb

Google Bomb or Googlewashing is when a group of people collaborate to get Google to associate a specific keyword with a particular link, image, person or site. When done successfully it’s known as a Google bomb and was brought to fame when a search for for ‘dumb m*th*rf*ck*r’ sent people to a site about George Bush.


A game where you find a unique combination of words that brings up one result. Ideally you then complete the game by telling the site owner they are a GoogleWhack. The comedian Dave Gorman made a film and comedy routine about it.

Conversion Funnel

A Conversion Funnel is a preset journey that is optimised to take the visitor down a specific path. The end result may be a purchase or a sign-up or a download, but the term refers to any funnel with a goal at the end. Inbound Marketing is heavily focussed on moving the visitor down the stages of of the conversion …

Organic Search

Organic Search (or Natural search) results display websites that aren’t paying to have top position – as opposed to the sponsored ads. Getting good organic search results is the goal of SEO and requires a balance of on-site and off-site optimisation.  

Business Blogs

Blogs that are written by companies and organisations are known as business blogs. A number CEOs of major organisations blog, and some businesses encourage their staff to do the same. It can be a powerful way to communicate directly with your customers, partners, suppliers and employees and enables a fast response to any issues and provide . They fit nicely …

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO is the side of search engine optimisation concerned with what happens away from your site, most commonly getting inbound links. While there’s a lot of issues surrounding inbound links and companies selling them, Google ranks websites according to authority so a hundred links from generic websites won’t be as powerful or effective for SEO as one link from …


Information displayed through graphics. Most commonly this will be a jpg/gif showing statistical data in a visually pleasing and easy to understand way. The goal of the best infographics is to render complex data into self explanatory visuals.


A shortened form of the word weblog, blogs are easy to use, self-publishing platforms that have grown to cover practically every aspect of human interest. Micro-blogging (Twitter), photo blogging (instagram), vlogs (video blogs) and other variations have sprung up. Usually targeted to one niche or interest, some of the top blogs have grown huge following followings with some in the …

Content Management System

A Content Management System (CMS) is software that allows the owner of a website to edit and add content ( text, images, video etc ) usually through a web browser interface. CMS take many forms but they all remove or reduce the need to have a developer make changes to website, saving time & money and putting the site owner …

Atom (RSS)

Many people like to subscribe to a web site using an aggreator or newsreader so they can see  new articles from a range of places in one place without having to go to the site. If you provide a feed from your site, as practically all blogs, job listing and modern sites do, it’s likely to be in Atom or …

Landing Page

The page a visitor arrives at when they click a link in an email, a banner advertisement or other promotional content. This may be a page on your site or a specific microsite and there is an entire strategy to designing effective landing pages that convert visitors when they arrive. Also refered to as a destination page.


An aggregator is a piece of software (or website) which collects news from other websites, blogs, podcasts and vlogs and makes them available all in one place.

Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) is a specific instruction meant to prompt a visitor to perform a specific task.

Bounce rates

There can a number of reasons for a high bounce rate, from bad design to lack of relevance or just that the visitor found exactly what they came for on the first page

Black Hat

With recent advances in search engine algorithms, black hat SEO has become almost impossible and many of the techniques commonly used (and still sold to naive webmasters) will actively undermining your search position.


Analytics are essential in setting benchmarks & evaluating the success of your online strategies.


The practice started as an underhand marketing trick but is increasingly common in the strategies of less scrupulous political groups and lobbyists attempting to disrupting intelligent debate